oti power solar system homeownerAt OTI Power we all loved the recent article that was written by Katie Skelly and posted on realestate.com.au which highlighted the eight top features that Aussie buyers are currently looking for in a new home


It was no surprise to us that solar power systems made the list of what Aussie buyers are looking for when they are shopping for real estate. Other key factors that were identified in the article included homes with the ideal layout, sun-filled aspect, quality finishes, homes that are not over-renovated, practical elements over luxurious extras, swimming pools and garages.

Here are our top reasons why we believe that solar systems are right up there on the list with what Aussies who are looking for in a new home!

Solar systems are proven to lower your power bill. In fact, in many cases, our customers are ending up with a credit owed to them by the power company…. Now, that is a nice surprise to arrive in the mail!

Solar System will increase a property’s value

From the moment that your solar system is turned on, you can see in real time exactly what they are doing to save you money! All this information comes to your live via your personalised app that the team at OTI Power will set up for you.
Extracts from this data would be a fantastic sales tool when selling any property and can easily be added to your home’s marketing campaign demonstrating the savings that potential buyers will make on their electricity. This will make it easy to squeeze a little more out of any buyer.

Solar Systems are better for the environment

We all know that conventional electricity adds to the ongoing issue of pollution in our environment, and this is not going to change. Solar energy differs from conventional energy in so many ways, importantly, it does not pollute the environment and the world that we live in. Installing a solar systen not only lowers your carbon footprint, but by installing a system you will gain peace of mind from knowing that you are doing your bit for Mother Earth. And we all love a warm fuzzy feeling…

Positively gearing

If buyers are looking to purchase a property as an investment property, having solar panels installed is a strong draw card. Owners can sell the electricity that is generated to tenants for a cheaper rate than they can purchase it from an electricity company, so everyone wins! Once the pay off period is complete, this becomes an additional income stream for the home owner.

Escape rising energy prices

By installing solar system, you are protecting yourself from future rises in electricity prices by your energy provider which gives Australian’ home buyers some peace of mind. Electricity prices have risen at a rapid rate over the past decade and solar systems protect home owners from future rises.

Today’s solar panels and inverters give customers reliability with consistent and dependable results. At OTI Power we use only reputable brands.

With all these facts, it is easy to see why solar systems are the future of residential energy. As Australians become more conscious of their environmental footprints, as well as their financial positions, the prospect of owning a house with solar panels already installed is becoming more desirable.

“Solar panels reduce power bills, and the chance to own a positively geared house is important to buyers. We’ve found more and more buyers have been asking about solar panels and sustainability aspects of a home in the last three years, and we expect this to continue,” says Alexander Phillips, renowned real estate agent.

So whether customers are looking for a home in Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, Coomera or throughout Australia, it is likely that they will want to know if there is a solar system installed before making the purchase.

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