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Choosing the Best Solar Supplier for Commercial

Here are the Best Ways to Identify the Best Supplier of Commercial Solar Panels:

We like to think that in our industry, we’ve got some seriously awesome commercial solar panel suppliers, which it most certainly does. Unfortunately, though, like any other industry, the solar industry in Australia does have its unscrupulous suppliers that take advantage of customers who don’t know any better. 

That’s why we’re here though! At OTI Power we want to better equip people all over the continent and teach them how to identify the good suppliers from the bad. Choosing a slippery supplier in the solar industry can be a pretty costly mistake, and that’s what we want to avoid.

Check out their credentials

Any commercial solar system supplier worth their salt is going to have the right accreditation. Make sure that their certificates are in order, and they are part of all the necessary solar governing bodies such as the Clean Energy Council (CEC) which is a not-for-profit company that keeps an eye on Australia’s solar industry.  These certificates are proof that your supplier is committed to upholding the high standards expected within our industry.

Check with past clients

A sure fire way to find out if you have found yourself a company that isn’t quite as good as they say they are, is finding bad reviews, or a complete lack of previous clients. It’s quite simple for companies to write reviews on their own website, however, they should be able to back this up with clients that are willing and able to talk to you about their experience with the company.

How much experience do they have?

Australia is a country of startups – we are known for backing new businesses and helping them prosper. However, when it comes to installing commercial solar systems for your business, you probably want to go with someone that is truly tried and tested. Ask them for their previous experience portfolio and see how long they’ve been in business for and who their clients were – if this isn’t up to the standards you expect – don’t make a costly mistake.

Do they have a physical office?

In this age of unbelievable online expansion, it’s easy for low-quality companies to create an online presence and fool consumers into believing that they are a legit company. Many solar companies do have virtual offices, but they should have at least one main office with a physical presence that you are either able to visit in person or phone. Don’t trust a company that has absolutely no physical presence.

Find out if they are willing to cut corners

I’m sure that we’ve all cut corners at some stage in our lives – whether that was an actual corner in a race, or cheating on a diet. It’s one thing to cut corners in our personal lives, and quite another in our professional lives however, and if your solar supplier is willing to cut corners, then they are putting the whole industry’s reputation at risk. Your commercial solar panel supplier should stick to the rules and regulations and ensure that the work they do is up to the strict industry standards.

Luckily for you, at OTI Power, we’re covered on all the above points and more. Contact us now for a consultation about your solar needs.

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