The size of your system will depend on:

1. YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION: How much electricity do you use and what portion of it do you want your solar system to generate?1

2. AVAILABLE ROOF SPACE: How much unshaded area do you have available for the installation of your panels?

3. YOUR BUDGET: How much are you prepared to spend?

Good for business, Good for the future

At OTI Power solar energy is one important part of our overall energy saving measures. Solar power offers many advantages worth considering when it comes to off setting your electricity consumption. By installing PV solar power you are investing in the sustainability of your business financially and environmentally. Investing in PV solar power can make the single biggest reduction in your energy consumption.


An investment in a PV solar system can help power your business into the future.

Our solar experts are ready to help you choose a system that can reduce your businesses energy costs. Planning for sustainability is part of doing business today and solar can be the foundation of your program. We design solar systems to deliver financial benefits for you. In addition, we help you take advantage of the other benefits solar has to offer. We design and engineer our solar systems from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies so you can enjoy new levels of performance and affordability. Every kWh your solar system generates is a kWh you don’t have to buy, which can result in lower power bills. And for any surplus power generated, you may be able to enter into an agreement with your energy retailer to get paid for feeding electricity back into the grid via a feed-in tariff .


Great for your brand

People appreciate companies that invest in the future. Going solar improves your companies sustainability credentials. By generating your electricity using a renewable source, you’re minimising your businesses impact on the environment. 

[Credit:SMA Australia]

No-obligation consultation

Book a consultation with one of our technicians today and we’ll call you to perform a detailed assessment of your situation. We’ll discuss your property and show you the calculations on how much money you stand to save every year.

Remember, this service is completely free and you’re under no obligation to take up any of our services. 


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