Now may be a better time than ever before to consider a solar system for your home. Here are 4 reasons why:

Your home energy bill is likely to rise

It is likely that you are currently working from home, teaching from home or just hanging out at home more often right now. This will increase your daily energy use significantly, and it is likely that this will go on for months to come. We have complied a list of FAQ regarding solar, click here to view.

Installing a solar system will help offset this additional household expense. In addition to this, you will be able to run your appliances during the day when the sunshine is at its peak while avoiding the higher power bills.

Pay the system off with your energy savings

Following a solar system installation, you will immediately start saving on your power bill. In many cases, customers use these savings to pay the system off rather than dipping into their savings to purchase the solar system outright. Ask our team about low interest post-payment options for solar system

Solar designed to suit your power needs allows you to be financially better off from day one!

The OTI Power installation team don’t need to enter your home

The OTI Power staff are trained to follow strict safety regulations for both the safety of our customers and our staff. All pre-purchase meetings can be done via non face-to-face communication channels and there is no need for the installation team to enter your home on the day of installation. Read further details here.

Great STC Rebates are Still Available

Small-scale Technology Certificates. These certificates are a tradeable item and are created when you install a PV Solar system under 100kw. STC’s fluctuate but are currently worth approx. $36 per STC, providing a rebate of approximately $3,600 on a 6.5kW system. Our solar proposals will show the rebate amount applicable to your area and size system quoted.

If you would like to speak with one of our team regarding how a solar system can save you money, please contact us or click on the below and complete the form.