Adding Up Your Solar Benefits for Your Commercial Premises: Five Reasons to Install Solar This Year

There are many benefits to having solar electricity in a business. It’s not just a way to reduce your carbon footprint, it can also reduce your outgoings.  

If you’re one of the businesses in Australia who have been considering solar installation at your leased or owned commercial premises, there has never been a better time to invest in the power of sunshine.

Read on to find out five of the key reasons why solar makes sense for commercial properties.



The utility savings are instantaneous
Reducing or eliminating your business or property’s reliance on grid power means that as soon as your solar system is switched on, you or your tenants will start saving money on the price of electricity.

Not only does this reduce monthly outgoings now, it also ensures that you are going to continue to save money into the future.

Unlike grid electricity supply, solar rates are locked in for agreed periods of time which means you’re not at the whim of your electricity company for what they charge and when they increase the charges.

Feed-in Tariffs Give An Additional Revenue Stream
If your property generates more power than it uses, your nominated electricity provider may pay you for the electricity your system feeds back to the electricity grid.

Payments vary between providers and can be lucrative depending on the size of your system and property’s average electricity consumption.

You’ll be paid via a credit on your bill which means some customers end up not having to pay for electricity at all, freeing up that cash flow for other areas of the business.

You May Not Have Any Upfront Costs to Pay
You don’t always have to spend money to make money.

Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA’s) mean that a company like OTI Power supply, install and own the solar infrastructure at a business. This is available for both owner occupied and tenanted commercial premises.

This means there are no costs associated with getting solar installed and the business still benefits from guaranteed reduced rates and feed-in tariff credits are still paid to the landlord or tenant, depending on how your arrangement is set up.

Rebates and Incentives May FastTrack Your ROI
The cost of solar systems has come down in recent years which means if you buy the system outright, you’re able to “make back” the supply and installation costs in shorter timeframes than ever before.

There are often a number of local, state or federal government financial incentives that can help you pay for your solar system sooner too. Some of these are directly related to installation of solar systems, others are for more broad sustainability or property improvement purposes.

You and your staff don’t need to trawl through the various options and crunch the numbers yourself. OTI Power are experienced at helping commercial clients to understand potential incentive eligibility and benefits and can talk you through the whole process.

It’s An Easy Way To Be More Environmentally Friendly
Most of us want to do better as far as sustainability is concerned but while there’s been a lot of progress in recent years, Australia’s electricity grid is still reliant on older, less environmentally friendly ways of generating power like coal.

Installing a solar system at your business means you’re able to take a big step towards sustainability without any impact on day to day operations.  


OTI Power’s professional team have helped a number of businesses transition to solar electricity. A recent install at a seven day medical centre saw a 55% reduction in monthly power costs on their first bill and we look forward to seeing what solar can do for you. Contact us for an obligation free discussion about how solar can help you reduce both your overheads and your carbon footprint.


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