Quick Facts

Yearly savings: $5140.00

Total Investment: $8000.00

System size: 8.96kW

First power bill post tariff review: $7.03

Domestic Solar Power Savings in Hope Island, Queensland – Case Study

OTI Power welcomes all feedback from their customers both residential and commercial! The below overview of a recent residential installation was on the back of an existing customer’s referral. This is a great news story for the customer and an all too familiar scenario for OTI Power. This is definitely a story that all homeowners interested in solar power savings need to read!

Happy Customer Refers OTI Power to a Friend

OTI Power was contacted through a referral from an existing customer to enquire as to how a solar system could help their home save money on their energy bill. The owner had started researching solar systems online prior to contacting OTI Power, they were overwhelmed with all the information that was available and felt that they needed to work with a company that they could trust. Their friend spoke highly of the service that they had experienced when dealing with us and they said they would not be disappointed with OTI Power.

 OTI Power visited the home to determine the size of the roof space available and review what the current power usage of the home was. As this family had recently grown to four children, their power demands had also risen. The family faced power bills that ranged from $900 to $1,300 per quarter.

OTI Power designed a solar system which would generate enough renewable energy to cover the household use. In this design, roof space was restricted due to the angle of the roof and surrounding trees which caused shading.

 OTI Power advised the home owner that a 8.96kW solar system would fit within the available roof space and that we expected that this system would make a good dint in  significantly reducing their energy bill. The system was made up of 320w REC Twin Peak Mono Solar Panels and a 7kW German SMA Inverter.

This product array ensured that the home would have system performance guarantee for 25 years. This demonstrated to the owner that both OTI Power and the manufactures had confidence in the products that they recommended for installation.

 OTI Power installed the system within one day causing minimal disruption to the home. One power outage was required during the installation, this was scheduled in advance to be carried out when the home was empty. 

The solar system was now installed and it went straight to work 

Immediately following the installation, OTI Power made a number of recommendations to the homeowner including recommending that the best power provider for them was Energy Australia. Energy Australia offered the highest solar feed in tariff rates within the market at the time.  

OTI Power made contact with the homeowner a few months after the solar system was up and running to see what their next power bill looked like. The homeowner was proud to report that their quarterly power bill was just $7.03.

The total investment for the project was just over $8,000.00. With the family’s power savings now forecast to be $5,140 per annum, the investment in this system is forecast to provide a 1.8 year return on investment.

Needless to say, our customer is more than happy with their investment and took the time to write the below comments to the OTI Power Director, Paul Blake.

Dear Paul
Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to you and the OTI Power team for your advice, professionalism and efficiency in setting up our new solar system! The OTI Power team installed an 8.96Kwh system on our roof in Sanctuary Cove on 3-phase power back in August 2019. Up until receipt of our 1st bill yesterday, we had been running up energy bills averaging about $850 per quarter with the highest bill last year coming in over $1,200! To our very pleasant surprise, our first bill from Energy Australia was only $7.03! As a family, we had been investigating quite a bit on solar energy and WHO would be the best installer to go with. The tipping point was Paul’s service over and above just installation, he also worked out the best energy retailer based on solar rebates versus cost for us, in our case Energy Australia. NO other solar installer went to the detail that Paul and his team did – so once again a HUGE thanks and can’t recommend these guys highly enough if you are serious about solar!

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