In July 2017 my partner and I decided we wanted to invest in a solar system for our recently purchased house. So I did some personal research and went to various websites that automatically put you in touch with 3 businesses to get quotes. One of the recommended businesses put in touch with me was OTI Power which led to us meeting with Peter McLaren to discuss what we wanted and everything involved in purchasing/installing a solar system.

After getting various quotes from different organisations my partner and I had to wait a few months before we could proceed any further but during that time I staying in touch with Peter, relaying to him what my own personal research suggested I should choose in relation to inverters and panels and Peter would share from his experience what he felt were the best options. We didn’t want a cheap system. We wanted high quality at a reasonable price. By October 2017 we had decided we were ready to book installation with OTI Power.

We choose OTI Power for a couple of reasons. Firstly Peter offered sound advice on the choice of panels and inverters but still respected it was my choice and provided various quotes based on these choices. Secondly, Peter assured me that OTI Power would deliver excellent after sales service. This was the major reason for choosing OTI Power. It’s now February 2018 and we are extremely happy we chose OTI Power. The installation took place in late October. Installation was fast and hassle-free. We chose the inverter and panels Peter recommended and have been extremely happy with the performance. We have had an issue recently with fluctuating voltage levels coming from the Energex grid and as promised Peter got the issue resolved within 24 hours (Note this issue was not any fault of the inverter or panels. It just needed some settings adjusted to compensate for the fluctuating voltage in the grid). Firstly thank you to Peter for the great customer service. Secondly to anyone who reads this I highly recommend OTI Power. Buying a solar system is a long term investment (not just a one off purchase) and Peter offers excellent after sales service.

Jeff Bartlett

Pacific Pines