In need of a suitable solar system I made contact with OTI Power who introduced me to Peter McLaren. From day 1 Peter showed outstanding professionalism and a commitment to exceed my expectations. Unlike other solar companies Peter took the time to visit my premises and analyse firsthand a suitable solar configuration that would be feasible for my home. He clearly explained the equipment, including detailed discussion around solar cells, market sentiments, technologies and inverters available for installation while articulating the pros and cons of each configuration. Peter’s level of communication was excellent and the overall speed of delivery from initial consultation to finalised installation of an operating solar system all completed within 2 weeks!

Peter and the OTI team have maintained contact with me since installation and have monitored my power output and system operation closely as well as suggesting alternative power supply options to further reduce my power bills and increase efficiency on my domestic power usage during peak and off-peak times. I wish to thank Peter and the team for their outstanding commitment to customer service and assisting delivery of an extremely cost efficient solar power supply to my home.

I strongly recommend OTI Power to anyone looking to get into the solar market.