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Power Purchase Agreements

What is a Power Purchase Agreement? (PPA)

PV solar Power Purchase Agreements

OTI Power specialise in PV solar Power Purchase Agreements, also known as PPA, allowing businesses the benefits of PV solar with no up front costs. Under an OTI Power PPA we supply, own and maintain the solar system. Customers can then purchase the electricity it generates, typically at substantially lower rates than traditional utility power.

Secure your companies energy costs with long term hedging against future power price increases with an OTI Power Solar Energy Power PPA. These innovative solutions provide your business the financial and social benefits of solar energy without the burden and costs of solar system ownership. Start saving immediately and lock in steady and predictable energy costs for decades with a customised OTI Power Solar Energy PPA. We will be responsible for the installation, maintenance and insurance for the PV solar system under the agreements terms and conditions.

Key benefits of a PPA

No upfront costs
Maintenance & Insurance of the solar system is taken care of throughout the agreement
Monthly payments per unit of electricity used at the agreed price
The solar system immediately reduces your current electricity bill
Provides certainty for future electricity budgets
Increase in property market value
Low Risk Investment
Increase your brand positioning by being referred to as a “Green” organisation
24/7 Support and reporting on system performance
Excess power “feed in tariff ” (applicable in your state/territory)
Reduces the carbon footprint
Positive cash flow savings at system initialisation
No system performance or operating risks
State of the Art, Design, Engineering and Project management

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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PV solar Power Purchase Agreements PPA – Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island