Benefits of a Solar Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA)

A Solar Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) means that you can have solar energy installed at your owned or leased commercial premises without you or the Landlord having any capital expenditure.

A solar company like OTI Power owns, maintains and manages the solar infrastructure and you (or the business operating from the premises) pays for the electricity used at a significantly lower kWh rate than traditional utility providers charge for grid supply and use. 

A PPA enables you to benefit from solar without any installation costs.

Why PPAs Are A Bright Idea

You Pay Nothing for the Solar System Supply and Install: a PPA isn’t a solar install payment plan. All equipment needed is supplied and installed at no cost to you. If a better system becomes available during your term, we’ll even take care of the upgrade. You only pay for the power the property uses.

PPAs Are Hassle Free: all you need to do is pay your power bill. OTI Power take care of the capital outlay, and because we own the system, we also handle any operation, maintenance or insurance matters that arise during the agreement. Solar systems don’t tend to need much in the way of ongoing maintenance or repairs but a PPA gives you added peace of mind in case the unexpected occurs.

Solar Energy Rates Are Significantly Cheaper: there are a few variables involved but, in some cases, your hourly kWH rate will reduce by over 50% with solar energy. OTI Power have market leading estimation resources to calculate exactly what you can expect to pay for your power bills each month, and we also work with you post installation to make sure your system is working to your full advantage and you’re achieving maximum savings.

Solar Energy Rates Are Locked in Long Term: you’ll know exactly how much you are paying for your power.. When you’re relying on grid power, the only guarantee tends to be that the kWh rate is going to rise.

You’ll Get More Data About Your Energy Usage: with solar, you’re able to track and measure how much energy your business uses. You can also get data about your electricity production and other useful and accurate statistics to include in any reports you produce about your business’ sustainability.

You May Be Able To Make Money: this is another perk that relies on a few factors but in some cases, if your system produces more energy that the property uses, you may be able to “sell” the power back to an electricity company to use in their grid supply. This appears as a credit on your power bill, which you keep!

Solar Can Increase Your Property’s Value:  there is a lot of demand for greener, cheaper energy solutions and having a premises with solar installed can help give you an advantage and create demand for your property which can translate to higher rents, longer leases or bigger sale prices.

We Can Help Landlords and Tenants Connect to Solar: OTI Power have supplied solar electricity to a number of tenanted commercial premises, including some multi-tenanted sites.

OTI Power have been supplying and managing solar systems in Queensland and New South Wales for over a decade.

We’re passionate about helping commercial and residential customers save money on their power bill. 

We have a number of case studies and testimonials on our website that demonstrate our commitment to providing professional guidance and advice and really partnering with our customers to tailor an energy solution that is right for their property and consumption.

Contact us today to enquire about how a PPA can work for you.

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