Solar Panels in Australia

Electricity prices in Australia have risen by a record-breaking 117% over the last decade – with prices soaring up to 20% higher just last July. This is compounded by the fact that in Australia, we already pay the highest power prices in the world. Most of us have the option of turning off the A/C or the lights, but that is not practical in this country for homeowners or businesses.

Australia enjoys record levels of sun. Even our least sunny state, Tasmania, gets 193 days of sun each year while our sunniest, Queensland, receives in excess of 270 sunny days per year. And for each of those days, the sun shines for 7.5 hours on average. That amounts to 2,025 hours of sunlight every single year that you can convert into free sustainable energy to power your business or home with a solar system.

It is so much energy that you will not just see huge drops in your energy bills; you may even be able to sell your excess energy back to the grid for pure profit. In fact, with our smart financing solutions, your system can be cashflow positive from day one.


The Cost of PV Systems

OTI Power have found in recent years, the cost of photovoltaic (PV) systems has reduced in a significant way. Photovoltaic systems are now perceived as reliable, predictable and an economical method of generating renewable power. Solar power systems are the quickest way to set up utility-scale power generation. PV is easily extendable and can be installed even in the remotest of regions where access can be difficult. Over the past few years, OTI Power has provided services for utility-scale PV installations across the country. Read about Solar Panel Installations Case Studies.

SOLAR PANEL consultation

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