Installing a Solar System is a Great Solution

For many of us, the first half of 2020 came with a number of shocks and changes to the way we did things and now as most parts of the country start to adapt to a new, post-lockdown normal, the shocks are set to continue as our power bills start to arrive, now is the time to consider a solar system.

On average, Australian households used over 100% more electricity between March and May. We were home more, so the increase makes sense, but it is having a big impact on family budgets and making us look at ways we can be smarter and save money on household utilities.

Saving Money on Electricity Usage

When you have traditional grid power supply, there are things you can do to reduce your power consumption which can have a positive impact on your bill.

Some of them are already quite well known, such as the impact standby power can have and how setting your heating or cooling temperature a degree or two cooler can save you a whopping 10% off your energy costs.

Another way to save money on your power bill is to always buy the most energy efficient appliance you can afford, but this strategy is only effective when you are already in the market for something to replace or upgrade household appliances; the adage “spend money to make money” doesn’t necessarily apply to forking out to replace something like your fridge for the sole purpose of saving money on your power bill!

You can also look at installing a smart meter or changing to an off peak tariff, though both of these options have costs associated with them and need an electrician or your power company to complete the work which can initially negate some of the savings you stand to make.

Saving Money with the Sun

With solar electricity, your rates are locked in for a (long) period of time which means you’ll be paying less for your power no matter how the world changes around us.

There’s never been a better time to connect to solar electricity at your home either, because you could be just a week away from cheaper electricity pricing.

A recent residential customer OTI Power assisted commented that not only was he impressed that the time from quote to installation was only seven days, but that the aftersales service had been great too.

OTI Power have been passionately providing solar electricity to residential and commercial customers in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for over a decade. We’ve implemented industry leading modelling tools that help us accurately predict how much cheaper your bills would be.

We don’t just put your solar panels on the roof and wish you well – we also follow up with you and will make further adjustments to your set up to make sure your solar panels are saving you as much on your bills as possible.

There are some great incentives available that can help bring down the cost of installation too, which we will discuss with you with your quote.

OTI Power Are Here to Help

When we say we’ll give obligation free quotes and advice, we mean it. Our customers appreciate our integrity and our genuine non-intrusive attentiveness.

We want you to understand and believe in your solar system solution as much as we do, so will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your household.

Let there be light at the end of your high power bill tunnel! Contact OTI Power today.

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