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Energy Storage Solutions

A house, a block or a city all require energy. Sungrow provides scalable solutions to satisfy the residential, commercial or even industrial needs for clean and sustainable power. 

Our portfolio includes the inverter and storage technology, as well as everything to operate these components within your budget and efficiently. Our products seamlessly integrate into existing grids in accordance with all standards of certification.

High Voltage LFP Battery

Batteries allow you to use the solar power that is generated during the day at night. Sungrow offers storage solutions in many sizes, storing your power for when you need it most.

High Performance

  • Discharging current
  • 30 A continuous charging
  • 100% usable energy



  • Support 3–8 modules per unit, max. 4 units inparallel, 9–100 kWh
  • capacity range
  •  Extendable during lifetime

High Voltage LFP Battery Data Sheet

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