After renovating my house which included two heated pools (one indoor and one outdoor), three phase power conversion, 4 ducted air systems which run continuously, I decided to wait and see how this renovation would affect my Electrical Bill; to my surprise it went up from $1000 to $3500 per quarter. After a year I started getting a little apprehensive about paying these large Electrical bills each quarter and decided to enquire more about Solar. I already had a little 1.5KW Solar system on the roof (6 panels) which I put on 10 years ago but it wasn’t even making a dent into my current Bill.

I had a couple of Residential Type solar installers approach me, saying you need a 5KW system which they claimed was the largest you can put on your house and the cost would be $12K, but I knew this wouldn’t do much either, I needed something much greater than this. Then I was at the 19th Hole having a beer at my golf club with Peter McLaren, who said he was into Solar, So I showed him my bill and he said mate your need a 18kw system which will produce you daily around 80 to 120kwh, I now have 62 solar panels on my roof and a 15KW 3 phase inverter.

When Peter told me the price for what I was getting compared to the other deals other installers were saying, his offer was only slightly more than the much smaller 5Kw system once the STC rebate was deducted. I agreed to it straight up and seriously it was one of the best decisions I have made this year. I wake up every morning eager to go out and look at the electrical meter to see how much money I have made and how much money I have saved, and during the day the meter doesn’t move at all. I tell you, I think those electrical retail providers are a sham, Solar is the future for sure.

The OTI Service Technicians Sam and Tom were excellent qualified electricians and they were trustworthy in my house, they even did a couple of extra odd jobs for me such as install some power points in my bedroom. They finished the entire install in a day and they didn’t leave until the job was finished, operational and commissioned. Peter was very professional and managed the process end to end, and made several communications with me to ensure I was comfortable during the course of the whole job. Even the Boss, Paul Blake came past twice, pre and post job to ensure everything went smoothly.
OTI is a very professional outfit to do business with.I look forward to taking my Home completely off grid later this year once the three phase storage batteries become available. Thanks again OTI Power.

Tyrone Taylor