With no capital outlay, a PV Solar Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) allows you to secure your company’s energy prices with long term hedging against future power price increases.

OTI Power’s PV Solar Power Purchase Agreement may sound too good to be true but, read on to avoid missing out! If you like the idea of going solar but don’t want to fork out a lump sum or go with a finance option, then a PPA might be just the right solution for you.

What is a PV Solar Power Purchase Agreement?

Under an OTI Power PPA, we supply, own and maintain the solar systems on our client’s behalf. Customers can then purchase the electricity that the system generates, typically at a substantially lower rate than traditional utility power. With zero upfront cost, a PPA removes the need for a capital investment yet allows businesses to reap the financial and social benefits of solar energy. It also eliminates the need for getting quotes and selecting the technology as OTI Power will take care of this along with installation and ongoing maintenance.

The PPA provided by OTI Power allows you to instantly start saving through locking in steady and predictable energy costs for years to come. Best of all, you only pay for what you use whilst also positioning your business as more environmentally friendly. The insurance of the solar system is included and there are no lock-in contracts. If you change your mind, we will simply come and remove the system!

OTI Power selects the most suitable solar system for your business and we fit it out with monitoring capabilities so as to offer 24/7 support and reporting on performance for your convenience. Any excess solar power generated but not used by the system will be sold back to the grid and credited toward the electricity account – this is known as a feed-in-tariff. The feed-in-tarrif varies depending on which state/territory you live in.

Other than the energy bill savings you’ll receive in going solar under an OTI Power PPA, there are other amazing factors to consider. To begin with, the reduction in your business’s carbon footprint – it’s no secret today’s top companies are investing heavily in renewable energy so as to project a cleaner, friendlier image to their customers. Why should your business be any different? Furthermore, with start-of-the-art design and engineering, OTI Power will ensure your solar system is both eye-catching yet integrated with an aim to increase the value of your property or tenancy attraction.

The previous decade has seen incredible technological progression in the yield of solar energy. Now that the industry is ready to shake up the fossil fuel establishment of old, OTI Power believes the cost of taking advantage of solar will play a huge role in the years to come. The PPA is the best way for a business to achieve this as it eliminates the need to calculate return on investment and ensure savings from day one.

You might be thinking, how does OTI Power benefit from providing such a service as this is quite a long-term investment? And the answer is simple… we believe in solar! OTI Power has seen both home and business owners reap the financial benefits of harnessing the sun’s natural energy and we have the case studies to prove it. Our goal is to extend our reach to those, who are curious but may have been reluctant to invest in a solar system due to the upfront cost. Well worry no more, as an OTI Power PPA has the ability to transform your business from the get-go.

With no upfront costs and lock-in contracts, it’s time to let OTI Power convert your business into a mini power station to stem the flow of ever-increasing energy bills. Don’t wait another month or quarter for that next “sting” in the mail, contact us today and ask about a PPA for your business.