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In years past photovoltaic systems were called alternative energy, but LG strongly believe that renewable power will be the energy direction of the future. LG already uses 19MW of commercial solar systems to power our manufacturing plants in South Korea. At first glance, you can barely notice the difference between modern solar modules from a range of manufacturers. That’s why the “interior” i.e. the quality of used materials, the consistency in the processing of the materials, the research and technology invested in the product, the design of the module and the financial stability of the manufacturer are of great importance.

The leader in renewable solar energy

LG is a leader in renewable solar energy with high efficient panels generating electric power via photovoltaic systems. There are specific features of LG modules such as:

LG offers one of the most efficient panels with our high efficient 315W plus NeON range;
We give you a 25 year solar module manufacturer’s warranty and a 25 year output warranty;
We offer a transferable warranty. When you sell your premises, the original warranty continues. A number of competitors do not offer a transferable warranty.


Residential and commercial

Many of our panels in Australia are used on grid as part of residential solar systems, but we are now seeing increased use of renewable power for commercial solar energy power systems. As a global, financially-sound company, LG is your partner for today and tomorrow. Due to our broad corporate structure, we stand strong in difficult times and are on hand to support our customers and partners in a highly competitive market.

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