9 Great Reasons to Consider Solar Today!

There are so many great reasons to consider going solar both in residential and commercial properties. In this blog, we outline 9 reasons why the decision to invest in renewable energy is an easy decision to make.

Energy From the Sun 

The sun has been shining on the earth for many moons and will be doing so for many more.

The sun’s energy is completely free and it is an abundant source of energy.

The reality is that the sun generates enough free energy to power the entire planet. The only barrier to entry is the resources to collect this energy and redirect for this purpose.

Australia is a sun drenched country and from the sunshine hours that it receives, it is easy for people to capture the energy through solar panels and harness free energy. Even on a cloudy day in Australia, a solar system makes energy.

Rebates and Incentives

Our government places a high emphasis on reducing global warming, raw material conservation as well as environmental issues in general. As a result of planning for today and into the future, financial incentives for households and businesses to invest in solar power.

Not only does this save Australia’s money, it eases the pressure on the national grid.

Fact: Consumers are on average receiving between 30%- 50% of the cost of their up front costs in rebates for solar systems.

Impact on the Environment

It is fantastic to know that not only will you save money moving to solar, you will reduce your carbon footprint by using your own self-generated power. CO2 emissions are created with the production of gas power and coal and these are the biggest contributors to carbon pollution on earth, with a solar system, you will be guaranteed to reduce how you are negatively affecting the environment.

Many people ask ‘how will me going solar really help save the planet’, well, let’s take a look!

Fact: Australia’s national grid generates electricity using coal and gas

Fact: Each kWh of electricity that is generated by a coal power plant produces 1.18kg of CO2 emissions

Fact: A 5 kW solar power system will produce on average 20kW/h per day

That’s 20kW/h x 1.18kg of CO2 = 23.6kg x 365 (days of the year)
= 8.6 Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved per year.

Simply planting one tree can absorb around 21kg of CO2 per year.

Installing a 5kW solar system is equivalent to planting 395 trees per year.

Based on this, over a solar systems 25 year warranty period, the system that you install equates to planting 9,875 trees, roughly 54 acres of forest.

Pay Less to your Energy Company

It is an awesome feeling to take control of your energy bill by having your own energy source. Of course, the amount of money that you save on your bill does depend on your individual circumstances and the size of the system installed, however, our accurate forecasting tools can assist you to ensure that you have the correct system for your needs.

If you don’t use all the energy you create, your system sends it back to the grid, where your power provider buys through “Feed in Credit”

Minimal or no Maintenance Required!

Solar systems have no moving parts, no parts that need replacing and therefore your system will require minimum maintenance. At OTI Power, we only sell hardware that we believe and back 100%. All our solar systems come with long warranty periods. Of course, at any stage, if you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us.

Increase the Value of your Home

Realestate.com.au recently reported that solar panels are on the top 10 list of things that people are looking for in a new home in 2020. If you ever consider selling or renting your home or business, having a solar energy system installed is a fantastic selling point.

Self Sufficiency

It is liberating to become self-sufficient and not reliant on the national grid. If you are thinking about taking this step, our team can offer you advise to meet your individual circumstances including a detailed review of the size of potential installation on your property and energy storage needs.

Technology that is Proven

For many decades, scientists have been fascinated by the concept of capturing solar energy from the sun and powering houses and businesses. In fact, the very first solar cell was created in 1839 by French physicist Edmond Becquerel.

Since this date, the industry has powered forward with many gains in efficiencies. As with any technology, there are constant improvements.


Your solar system can grow with your power needs. Should your family grow or the number of staff that you employee increase, any solar system can be expanded to meet your needs.

Are you thinking of going solar for your residential or commercial property? Contact us today for further information about how we can help you.