I’ve had my solar installed for six months now, so it’s time for a review.
The company that installed was OTI Power, representative was Peter McLaren. Learning about solar from scratch is a daunting prospect. I did my due diligence, with multiple quotes, and Peter and OTI stood out by making sure that I understood the process of how solar power works and what the installation and hardware options are.
I chose 21 315w REC panels with a 5kW Sungrow Inverter. I chose the panels because they appeared to be the best performers in my price range, with an excellent warranty that will likely see me out.
I have a one story house with a fairly small roof area. Half the panels face north and half face west.
The inverter has a WiFi dongle with an app (and website) that produces real-time data with reporting. Together with the electricity provider app, I can see how much solar I produce, and how it affects each day’s charges.
The installation itself was flawless. OTI turned up on time, installed very quickly without a hitch, and left everything clean and tidy.
As after-sales service, Peter has answered promptly any questions I’ve had about how everything works, and a hitch I had when the NBN was installed.
My first bill was credit of $66, compared to $360 from the same period in the previous year. I anticipate breaking even on the solar investment in about four to five years, with time remaining on warranties.
In conclusion, solar power is brilliant, OTI Power was a great choice for me, and thank you to Peter for making it easy.