I had the good fortune of getting a quote from Harrison Blake at OTI Power towards the beginning of 2020 for what was initially going to be a 6.6 kW system.

That soon changed as I had a roof and aspect that would yield a much better return on investment from a larger system.

Harrison taylor made a system that would be cost effective and advantageous to me and my family – we went for an 8.8kW system.
The only hiccup we had was the sourcing of the panels from overseas due to the covid-19 outbreak in Feb/march. A little bit of patience and rescheduling and we were good to go.

As anyone can imagine there is always going to be a certain amount of back and forth to get a small project like this up and running and Harrison was not shy to pick up the phone and get it organised.

The installation team were great. Troy, Jesse, and mark showed up early and got it done very professionally. You know they’re good when there’s minimal chit chat between them about who’s doing what and when. Thanks for fielding all my questions guys.

If I had to go back and do it all again I would definitely pick the same people and also the same system.

Further enquiries can be made to Harrison regarding my setup.
Thank you Harrison for your help and your patience, it is greatly appreciated.

Emmanuel – OTI Power customer